As we planned our wedding, I wanted to get my bouquet pressed. This way, we could have something special to remember our day by. Unfortunately, this was out of our budget. Because of this, I proceeded to buy a bunch of pressing kits & quickly learned how to press the beautiful botanicals my dad had planted surrounding our home.

After pressing these florals, I realized how much fun it was to create unique arrangements that reflected the whimsical nature that seems to encompass us. This is how Maivie came to be. An exciting date night, girls night out, or something just for fun. We have the florals; you bring your creativity! Seeing you at our workshop would mean the world to me. Maivie has become so close to my heart in these few months. I hope our workshop reflects the passion and love Luke and I both have for Maivie.




Maivie is not merely a means to an end but rather an end in and of itself.

As you can imagine, there's quite a bit riding on the success of this wild idea - financially, mentally, and emotionally. However, what makes it worth it is walking the path together. It may sound a bit cheesy, but just being able to work with Nessa every day on something we've both aligned our lives to is a dream that's already come true, regardless of how big or small Maivie may be.

We want this to be a space where people can realize their creativity, commune with their friends, and recapture the necessity of the social experience that's so needed today.

So sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank YOU for contributing your positivity and ideas and choosing to spend your time with us.

- Lucas

about us

Luke and I grew up in northern Utah. Just 15 minutes away from one another, but we never seemed to cross paths until this last year. We met on a warm sunny morning in a coffee shop (which just so happened to be scheduled on a little-known dating app called Hinge). We have spent just about every moment together since then. Luke and I shared the dream of creating something beautiful together & after tossing around a big bunch of ideas; the moment Maivie came into the arena, I could see it in his eyes. We were ready to jump.